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Min Max

Scotch Brite Green Kitchen Scouring with Sponge 3in1

Rs. 160

Domex Toilet Cleaner Original 250 ml

Rs. 70

Golden Rod Heavy Wiper medium

Rs. 235

Dastarkhawan Khalil Mats Medium Lace

Rs. 170

Dastarkhawan Khalil Mats Small Lace

Rs. 150

Roti Romal Khalil Mats

Rs. 150

Aprons Khalil Mats

Rs. 95

Prime Mop

Rs. 270

Yellow Duster

Rs. 120

Harpic Bathroom Clearner Floral 500 ml

Rs. 180

Harpic Bathroom Clearner lemon 500 ml

Rs. 180

Hockey Match Box

Rs. 25

Scotch Brite Butterfly Mop

Rs. 1125

Scotch Brite Wiper

Rs. 450

Scotch Brite Utility Brush

Rs. 250

Scotch Brite 2 in 1 Spiral Save Rs 10

Rs. 80

Scotch Brite Jumbo Spiral

Rs. 85

Scotch Brite Small Spiral

Rs. 60

Scotch Brite Green Kitchen Scouring with Sponge

Rs. 48

Scotch Brite Nail Saver Value Pack 2 in 1

Rs. 103

Scotch Brite Kitchen Scouring Pad

Rs. 40

Scotch Brite Floor Cloth

Rs. 90

Scotch Brite Saver Pack 2 in 1

Rs. 72

Toilet Brush

Rs. 75

Scotch brite Wiper

Rs. 250

Scotch brite toilet Brush set

Rs. 350

Domex Toilet Cleaner Pink Power

Rs. 175

Domex Toilet Cleaner LEMON

Rs. 260

Domex Toilet Cleaner Pine

Rs. 180

Domex Toilet Cleaner Original

Rs. 260