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Tin foods

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Min Max

Italia Whole Mushroom 400gm Tin

Rs. 180

Polac Pineapple Slices Syrup 565 gm

Rs. 210

Mitchells Chick Peas

Rs. 165

Mitchells Garden Peas

Rs. 165

Festival NCC Mushrooms (Choice Whole)

Rs. 150

Italia Sweet Corn 400gm Tin

Rs. 135

Mitchells Sweet Corn

Rs. 210

Fruitamins Fruit Cocktail

Rs. 175

Italia Fruit Cocktail

Rs. 180

Polac Tropical Fruit Cocktail

Rs. 150

DelMonte ( fiesta Fruit Cocktail )

Rs. 260

MalaPine Pineapple Broken Slices 565 gm

Rs. 150

Polac Pineapple Broken Slice

Rs. 245

DelMonte Pineapple Slice

Rs. 250
Canned foods are washed, prepared and filled into metal containers along with a canning fluid (e.g. water, salted water or fruit juice).

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