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Frozen food

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k&Ns Fiery Fingers 780 gm

Rs. 620

Opa Fries Chunky 1 Kg

Rs. 320

Mon Salwa Chicken Crispy Shots 680 gm

Rs. 510

K&Ns Chicken Qeema 0.5 Kg

Rs. 290

Symas Pita Bread

Rs. 60

Symas Pizza Crust

Rs. 60

Opa Fries

Rs. 350

Mccain Smiles

Rs. 330

Mon Salwa Mccain Fries Value Pack

Rs. 400

Mon Salwa French Fries

Rs. 330

Mon Salwa Paratha Plain

Rs. 85

Mon Salwa Chicken Spring Roll

Rs. 480

Mon Salwa Cheese Samosa

Rs. 390

Mon Salwa Chicken Samosa

Rs. 370

Mon Salwa Fish & Chips

Rs. 375

Mon Salwa Smoked Grill Chicken Franks 340 gm

Rs. 270

Mon Salwa Chicken Cheese Franks 340 gm

Rs. 310

Mon Salwa Chicken Fries

Rs. 415

Mon Salwa Seekh Kabab

Rs. 380

Mon Salwa Chicken Shami Kabab

Rs. 215

Mon Salwa Crispy Chicken Burger

Rs. 570

Mon Salwa Chicken Kofta

Rs. 395

Mon Salwa Chicken Nuggets

Rs. 220

K&Ns Pepperoni Slices

Rs. 550

K&Ns Mortadella Slices

Rs. 530

K&Ns Mughlai Tikka

Rs. 600

K&Ns Chicken Tikka Chunks

Rs. 660

K&Ns Kafta Kabab

Rs. 590

K&Ns Seekh Kabab

Rs. 240

K&Ns Samosa

Rs. 380
Freezing food preserves it from the time it is prepared to the time it is eaten. Since early times, farmers, fishermen, and trappers have preserved their grains and produce in unheated buildings during the winter season.

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