Here Are Some

Of Our Grocery Products

Al-Rabiya Anaar Dana 125 Gm

Rs. 50

Al Rabiya Lobia White 500 gm

Rs. 65

Al Rabiya Chat Masala 125 gm - Mix of hot and tangy spice

Rs. 45

Al Rabiya Tukh Malanga 125gm -Basil seeds

Rs. 50

Al Rabiya Saunf 125 gm -Fennel seeds

Rs. 45

Al Rabiya Long 50gm -Cloves

Rs. 85

Al Rabiya Laal Mirch Cutter 125 gm - Red pepper cutter

Rs. 40

Al Rabiya Channa White 12MM

Rs. 105

Al Rabiya Daal Masoor Wash

Rs. 55

Al Rabiya American Badam

Rs. 195

Al Rabiya Suji 500gm

Rs. 40

Al Rabiya Basmati Rice Shahenshah

Rs. 170

Here Are Some

Of Our Featured Products

Lipton Green Tea Lemon Zest 25 Pcs

Rs. 100 95

Sunridge Chakki Atta 5 Kg

Rs. 280 260

Mezan Canola Oil 1 Litre x 5 Poly Bag

Rs. 835

Bonus Active Washing Powder

Rs. 55 54

Maggi Chatpata Noodles

Rs. 28

Nestle Milo Corn Flakes

Rs. 235

Colgate Max Fresh Tooth Paste

Rs. 88 72

Hilal Chocolate Cup Cake 12 Pcs

Rs. 120 112

Lu Oreo Original Twin Pack 24

Rs. 120 112

Comfort fabric conditioner Pink Lili Fresh

Rs. 120

K&Ns Nuggets

Rs. 220

Ensure Chocolate Milk Powder

Rs. 990

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